Re-assessments     $ 49.00 each
(Fitness, Nutrition, or Stress Level)

As you continue to participate in the program it is important to re-assess how you are progressing toward your goals. This information gives you feedback on your efforts and more often than not supplies the verification of success you need to stay motivated on your path. Also, it can be a reality check that alerts you when you may be getting off course. Ultimately, the re-assessment process provides valuable information that allows us to modify various aspects of the program as needed to ensure you are moving in the right direction and at a proper pace. Depending on which aspect of the program you choose to reassess you may need to fill out a questionnaire (nutrition and stress reduction components) or you may need to schedule an in-person appointment for physical assessment (fitness component). Once you have completed these and Todd has the information, you can set a time to meet or talk on the phone to discuss the results and any modifications to the program that may be required to help you reach, maintain, or enhance your health and wellness goals.



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