Breast Massage
If you have slumped shoulders, anxiety attacks, or chronic pain between your shoulder blades, you could be a good candidate for breast massage. Or, maybe you or someone you love has had surgery to remove a lump or the entire breast itself, and are experiencing pain and lymphatic drainage problems. Or, you just want to keep your breasts as healthy as possible. Massage can be a powerful partner in the health of your breasts and the surrounding tissue. If you are interested in receiving breast massage, your therapist will talk with you before the session begins, and together we will determine if you are a good candidate. During this informative session you will be shown what areas will be worked on and how, so you are familiar with the process. A breast massage session starts with the therapist loosening your neck and shoulders, to promote lymph drainage once the breasts start clearing. Then, they will undrape both breasts, one at a time, or can work through the sheets, whichever you are more comfortable with. At any time during this process, you may change your mind and stop the breast massage. The therapist will then begin to loosen the surrounding muscles, including your ribcage area, abdomen, and upper chest. The work on the actual breast tissue is a very brief, though important, part of the process. It will generally involve light pressure draining toward the center, with a focus on lifting the tissue off the chest area. Either Erinn or Todd are available to do breast massage, and are skilled working through restrictions in soft tissue, including scars.


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