Massage for the Cancer patient
Both Erinn and Todd have specialized training and experience in working with clients who have, or have had cancer. They are aware of the specific types of bodywork that are safe and effective for the recipient no matter what level or stage of cancer, treatment or recovery they may be in. Massage reduces stress and relaxes the client, bolsters the immune system, and helps remove toxins from the body. Knowledgeable and caring touch helps restore energy and enhance a patient's body awareness to allow them to direct their intention toward healing. Massage and bodywork, especially slow effleurage, Reiki, gentle Shiatsu, and CranioSacral Therapy have been shown to be effective in supporting the cancer patient through the effects of radiation and chemotherapy treatments, as well as promoting the healing of scar tissue and the surrounding area for those who have had surgery to remove malignant tumors. And, for end-stage cancer patients, massage and bodywork can and help bring a sense of peace and ease, as well as offer comfort in their final days and hours.


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