Crystal and Gemstone Therapy
For many thousands of years, mankind has valued and cherished the inherent beauty of crystals and they have been used for a myriad of purposes, from amulets, to symbols of authority, and most notably for their beneficial energetic properties. It has been widely accepted over the ages that crystals and gemstones have intrinsic restorative properties, and have been used in a holistic manner throughout man's ancient history and even in our more recent history in the Far East and India. Stories of their use have been traced back to ancient Egypt and further back to the legendary civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis. These ancient peoples did not wear gemstones just for decoration but for therapeutic and spiritual reasons. References to the use of crystals for purposes of health or healing is among the most ancient of all known therapies, and can be found in the Old Testament, as well as among the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. The Greek word for adornment was Cosmos, from which the modern word cosmetic is derived. Cosmos also meant the world or universe, as evidenced in the word cosmology, and the gemstone was widely considered to help the wearer get "in tune" with the world or universe about him. The word adornment can also be broken down etymologically as adore-ment, which translates to mean "making sacred and one with the cosmos".

The ancient modality of crystal therapy generally consisted of the laying on of gems. This later developed into the wearing or carrying of crystals or gemstones on the person or creating a grid or geometrical shape around ones personal space. The gems used for these purposes were carefully selected for their properties by examination through the Law of Signatures.
The ancients were steadfast in their honor of this law as an underlying concept of natural medicine. Basically, the Law of Signatures asserts that a mineral or plant will tell what its particular uses are by how it looks, what it tastes like, where it grows, what grows with it. Therefore, the color of the minerals, their location in the earth, their feel and texture, their specific gravity, and their individual geometric formation, are just some of the qualities examined through the perspective of the Law of Signatures. All of these reveal information to the careful researcher regarding the energetic properties of the stones and how they can be of benefit.

Among the many minerals located throughout the world is silicon dioxide or Quartz. These crystals have piezo-electric properties, which are the ability to respond in a definite and unique vibratory pattern when electrically or mechanically stimulated. These properties are due to the alignment of positive and negative charges within the crystal molecule and lattice structure. Because of their mathematically perfect molecular structure, crystals vibrate at a constant rate. It is for this reason that they make ideal components for many modern technological developments, from quartz watches, to lasers, to the fastest of computers. And it is this unique quality that makes crystal the ideal tools for balancing and harmonizing the body, thus allowing the body's natural healing abilities to work more effectively.

The vibrations of crystals and stones are subtly powerful electromagnetic frequencies that affect body, mind and spirit in diverse ways. All beings have an energy field, or aura and this includes minerals. The energy field surrounding a human being is extremely complex and variable. The harmonic resonance of various crystal and stones act as frequency modulators, enhancers, transmutators, energizers and transformers when placed in the human energy field. When the energy fields of a crystal and a human interact, the focused pattern of the crystal has a stabilizing effect on that individual's energy. So, by introducing the very specific vibration of a crystal's energy field into our own aura, profound beneficial changes in our energy field can be implemented. It is no coincidence that large quantities of quartz crystals have been found in the underlying layers of the Earth beneath all of the known megalithic sites. The peoples of the ancient world were well aware of powerful effects of crystals and this is why they chose to build their monuments and structures upon these sites.

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