The Habit-Breaker    $589.00
(Best deal at $37 per session/assessment)

Unhealthy habits cause us pain, cost us money, and sap the vitality out of life - and yet they persist. During this phase of the program we will partner for four weeks to help you create healthy new ones! Note: this is a one-month comprehensive plan. To help you achieve your goals, the month is paid ahead of time, and once a schedule for the month is agreed upon. There are no refunds for sessions missed.

  1. 12 1-hour Workout Sessions three times per week at a location of your choice.*
  2. In-Depth Fitness, Nutrition, & Lifestyle Program implementation and adjustment as needed
  3. 1-hour Follow-Up Nutrition Assessment
  4. 1-hour Follow-up Lifestyle Assessment
  5. 1-hour Follow-up Fitness Progress Assessment
Once you have completed this stage you can decide if you wish to repeat the Habit Breaker again or move onto one of our Driving Force Packages.

*There will be an additional charge for any guest pass that may need to be purchased at your gym, as well as $1 per minute travel time (there and back) to meet at any location outside of the La Jolla / Torrey Pines / UTC area.


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