Hawaiian Lomilomi
Lomilomi is an experience of massage, energy work, and spirituality and has been described as "The loving touch; a connection between heart, hand, and soul with the source of all life." The practitioner often uses flowing and rhythmical hand and forearm techniques at a medium to deep-tissue pressure that cover a broad area. At other times, a feather-light energetic touch may be used to open energy flow and allow for re-alignment. Todd is a passionate practitioner of the Lomilomi of the Kane, who were the respected priests and mystics of the ancient Hawai'ian culture. This Lomi is based on the sacred Huna principles, which the practitioner learns in order to gain mental and emotional clarity as well as the physical stamina to do the work. A Kanaka Lomi (Lomi practitioner) is one who upholds, protects, and lives by these principles. The Kanaka Lomi is educated on becoming a healer by first becoming a self-healer. This lifetime process includes commitment to prayer, spiritual studies, and psychological clearing and cleansing. Through this process, the practitioner is able to better facilitate the client's release of imbalance and to support them in their re-alignment with the optimal health, vibrant radiance, and abundant joy they already possess. Among its numerous benefits, Lomilomi is known to energize and calm the entire being, exercise the musculature, drain the lymph, and is considered to be a sacred prayer of alignment and healing.


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