Myofascial Release
The fascial system is a laminated sheath of connective tissue that spreads without interruption throughout the entire body in a three-dimensional web surrounding every cell, tissue, muscle, organ, and bone. A Myofascial Release therapist can tell where the fascial sheath is restricted (sometimes far from the area of discomfort) and, by using very little oil and holding a gentle traction on restricted tissue, affect a release that is often permanent. Myofascial therapy is considered deep work because it melts and resets the fascial web to its original relaxed and proportionate shape, from the skin all the way to the bone. Much like deep tissue, this work cannot be done as a full-body session because of the time it takes to allow the tissue to "melt". This form of bodywork is particularly good for chronically shortened range of motion, postural dysfunction and scar tissue that needs to be released.


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