Prenatal or Pregnancy Massage
Pre-natal massage can be quite different than regular massage, and is tailored specifically to an expectant mother's needs. For instance, pillows are used to support the body of the mother-to-be as it changes, and techniques are modified to accommodate side-lying or specific areas of caution. Mothers-to-be are able to receive massage during all stages of pregnancy. It takes special training to safely offer pregnancy massage, so it is always a good idea to let your therapist know you are pregnant so you get someone who is knowlegeable / certified in this important modality. The benefits of this type of massage include minimizing spasms and pain in the back, hips, legs, and feet, reducing edema , relieving depression or anxiety caused by hormonal changes, increasing blood and lymph circulation, lowering blood pressure, providing emotional support and physical nurturing, improving labor outcomes, as well as facilitating post-partum structural realignment of the spine, pelvis, abdominals and affected muscles.


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