Reiki Level II (Okuden)   $475.00**

12 CE Hours

(Please arrange to have the following turned in by Registration Deadline listed for the class you wish to take as it is listed on the schedule of classes) Body-Power Therapies' Reiki Level I or instructor permission; 25 documented* hours of giving Reiki to others; Documented* receipt of 1 professional Reiki session; Completion of 3-4 essay questions; Book reports on two Level I Recommended Readings. Once approved, you will be contacted to schedule a 1-hour practical and oral exam with Todd on the topics covered in Reiki I to take place at least two weeks before the class date. Scheduling and participating in the oral and practical exam is part of the process and costs nothing additional.

In Reiki Level II you will learn:  Tips on how to prepare for a Reiki attunement (instructions sent beforehand); A deeper investigation of the Five Principles and how to incorporate them into daily practice; Additional breathing and meditation techniques; Introduction to and discussion of the three Reiki symbols, including their meanings, power, and how to use them; Review of the hand positions; Introduction to more advanced techniques to clear, balance, and enhance the flow of energy; A complete Level II Attunement to the energy (lasts a lifetime and does not need to be repeated unless you wish to); Reiki work with the past, present, and future; Incorporating Reiki to support and balance you in daily activities and Reiki to release stress and tension.

You will also learn more Ethics of Touch and Energetic Bodywork; Sending Reiki for distance healing; Using Reiki with the breath, eyes, and heart; Creating a sacred space for your sessions; Information on chakras and how to work with them; Facilitating your work with the energetic fields of crystals and gemstones; Tapping into your own unique healing gifts; Integrating information from other closely related energetic traditions to enhance your work; and more…. Recommended reading lists will be sent beforehand.

*Please contact us for the forms to document your Reiki practice hours and receipt of professional Reiki, as well as your essay and book report questions.

**Price includes: Lifelong attunement to Reiki energy; Class workbook; All materials distributed by instructor during class; Required forms and exams for classes, Official NCBTMB class transcript that can be submitted for CE hours; An NCBTMB Certificate of Attendance, upon completion. (Not included: Books on Recommended Reading list, Meals on class days; Cost of giving or receiving Reiki for prerequisites.)

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