Thai Massage
Thai massage (Nuat Thai) is a branch of Traditional Thai medicine and a form of manual therapy that can be used for relaxation and health promotion. Thai Medicine combines both Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine theory and recognizes that a person's life force circulates through their body via energy pathways called sen, similar in layout to Chinese Medicine's meridians and Ayurveda's nadi lines. While there are thousands of sen in the body, most Thai Massage focuses on treating specific acupressure points along the 10 most important lines called the sen sib.

The development of Thai Massage started approximately 2,500 years ago with Dr, Shivago Komarpaj, also known as Jivaka Kumarabhacca; a traditional Ayurvedic doctor who was the personal physician to the Buddha. Over time, this system of massage traveled across Asia to Thailand, with the Buddhist religion. Along the way, elements of Chinese Medicine were incorporated into the methods of Thai Massage to expand its benefits.

Thai Massage is often described as a unique blend of acupressure, reflexology, and yoga stretches. Today, there are several different styles of Thai Massage practiced all over Thailand. All of these styles of Thai massage can be divided into two categories: Folk Massage and Royal Massage. Folk massage incorporates the use of hands, elbows, knees, and feet to massage, bend, press, and stretch the body and apply pressure. Royal massage emphasizes the use of hands and fingers only to apply pressure to the acupressure points associated with the sen sib and there is no joint manipulation or stretching of any kind in this approach. The Thai massage offered by Body-Power Therapies incorporates both Folk and Royal Massage techniques.
Thai Massage works on the muscles, ligaments, nerves, joints, internal organs, as well as the aforementioned vital life-force energy. It is understood to affect the whole body as one organic unit. The popularity of Thai Massage is exploding worldwide due to it's effectiveness in treating and helping with conditions that are problematic for Western Medicine to handle. In particular, it is quite effective in treating structural injuries, either sports or work related, that result in chronic pain and reductions in range of motion. Most clients report significant decreases in pain and significant increases in range of motion and athletic performance.

When you receive Thai Massage, it is customary to be fully clothed except for your feet and wearing scrubs, pajamas, or other appropriate loose-fitting clothing. Thai Massage is normally given on a futon or mat laid upon the floor, with no oils being used during the treatment. In some cases, Luk Pra Kope, the use of a steamed herbal compress applied with a towel to the skin, may be incorporated into the treatment. This is usually done in conjunction with the massage. The combination of heat and herbs enhances the beneficial effects of the treatment. Recently, a variation of Thai massage has been created that can be effectively performed on a massage table, and is appropriately called Table Thai.

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